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Ashland WI Poles of Ashland, Wisconsin: 1884-1888
Buffalo NY Buffalo's Polish Pioneers
  Buffalo's Third Polish Parish 1888-1925
Chicago IL Ascension of Our Lord, Jubilee Book: 1912-1962
  History of Chicago Lithuanians
  Pullman Car Works Employment Collection - for a fee
Cleveland OH Polish Americans and Their Communities of Cleveland
Detroit MI East Side of Detroit Polonia
  The Polish Immigrant in Detroit to 1914
  West Side Detroit Polish American Historical Society
  West Side Detroit Polonia
Grand Rapids MI Polish Settlers in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hamtramck MI Hamtramck Historical Commission
Passaic NJ Polish People of Passaic
Philadelphia PA Poles in Philadelphia to 1914
  Philly History
Pittsburgh PA Historic Pittsburgh
  Poles of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania
Schenectady NY Schenectady Digital History Archive
Shenandoah PA Poles in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
South Bend IN Poles in South Bend to 1914
St. Michael MN St. Michael Historical Society
Superior WI Poles in the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin
Winona, MN Polish Settlers in Winona, Minnesota

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