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Ha He Ho
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Polonia Ancestor Tree — INDEX
Hankus Martin __born: 1782

+ marriage: 28 Oct 1807 Kety, Krakow, PL

Simonetti Salomea __born: 1788 __died: 10 Dec 1848, Kobiernice 86, Krakow, PL

descendant: Hankus Salomea (1817–)

tree 7b ancestor 22contact: sch1
Hankus Salomea __born: 16 Nov 1817, Kobiernice, Krakow, PL
siblings: Francis • John
parents: Hankus Martin (1782-) + Simonetti Salomea (1788-1848)

+ marriage: 21 Jun 1842 Kety 36/86, Krakow, PL

Kolodziejczyk Martin __born: 09 Nov 1806, Kobiernice, Krakow, PL __died: 26 Dec 1854, Kobiernice 36, Krakow, PL
parents: Kolodziejczyk Francis + Szemla Margaret

descendant: Kolodziejczyk Marianna (1853–1916)

tree 7b ancestor 11contact: sch1
Hanufer Barbara

+ marriage:

Soltes Paul

descendant: Soltes George

tree pgsw2 ancestor 5, data source: Lorraine (nee Molik ) Schenian 23 Sep 2004
Wisconsin Historical Society, pamphlet 05-661, Pedigree Charts / Polish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin / 2005, pp 41
Harabuda Igantz (Ignatius) __born: ~ 1872, , PL

+ marriage:

Misiewicz Pelagia (Pearl) __born: 06 Dec 1873, Mo Gil ice, PL __died: 10 Oct 1941, Blue Island, Cook, Illinois, US
parents: Misiewicz Matthew + Bielawski Rosalie

descendant: Harabuda Kazimiera (Charlotte)

tree 9d ancestor 6contact: sch1
Harabuda Kazimiera (Charlotte) __born: 06 Jul 1987, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, US __died: 14 Dec 1921, West Pullman, Illinois, US
note: 1st wife of Welninski (Weller) Joseph Frank
parents: Harabuda Igantz (Ignatius) + Misiewicz Pelagia (Pearl)

+ marriage:

Welninski (Weller) Joseph Frank __born: 27 Mar 1896, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, US __died: 03 Jun 1980, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, US
parents: Welninski Frank + Wiser Catherine

descendant: Welninski (Weller) Joseph

tree 9d ancestor 3contact: sch1
Haracz Katarzyna Catherine __born: 18 Feb 1888, Widelka, Rzeszow, PL __died: 1931, , PL
parents: Haracz Pawel Paul + Mlynarz Helena Helen

+ marriage: 01 Feb 1906 Przewotne, PL

Mytych Józef Joseph __born: 20 Feb 1879, Widelki, Rzeszów, PL __died: 1962, Widelka, PL
parents: Mytych Maciej Mathew + Zawislak Maria Mary

descendant: Mytych Adam Jan John

tree 22 ancestor 13contact: kar1
Haracz Pawel Paul __born: 27 Jun 1850, Widelka, Rzeszow, PL __died: , , PL

+ marriage: 22 Feb 1876 Przewrotne, Rzeszow, PL

Mlynarz Helena Helen __born: 1850, , PL __died: , , PL

descendant: Haracz Katarzyna Catherine

tree 22 ancestor 26contact: kar1
Hardt Ewa __born: 1960

sibling of:
Hardt Maciej __born: 1956
siblings: Ewa
parents: Hardt Janusz + Danuta

tree 66 ancestor 1contact: and1
Hardt Janusz

+ marriage:

? Danuta __born: 1938, Załawiszcze-Wołyń, PL __died: 2010
siblings: Janina • Józef
note: pochowana w Niemczech
parents: Czarnecki Władysław + Janina

descendant: Hardt Maciej

tree 66 ancestor 2contact: and1
Hardt Maciej __born: 1956
siblings: Ewa
parents: Hardt Janusz + Danuta

+ marriage:

tree 66 ancestor 1contact: and1
Harris Carolyn __born: 1936, , New York, US

+ marriage: 1958 White Plains, New York, US

Kilpatrick John C, Jr __born: 1935, Port Chester, New York, US
children: Kevin, Cynthia, Lynne
parents: Kilpatrick John C + Maciora Stella

tree 75 ancestor 1scontact: mac1
Helminiak Mary C __born: , , PL-PR
note: her family emigrated to US settling in Portage County, Wisconsin

+ marriage: 1867 Siele, Żnin, PL

Ostrowski Thomas __born: 1840 __died: 1890–1900
siblings: John • John • Rosalia • Wojciech (George)
note: emigrated to US with father Andrzej and siblings settling in Stevens Point area, Portage County, Wisconsin
parents: Ostrowski Andrzej + Sikorska Petronella

descendant: Ostrowski Michael

tree 40 ancestor 9contact: ost1

Howaleown Zofia

+ marriage:

Socha Andreas

descendant: Socha Magdalena

tree pgsw3 ancestor 23, data source: Wisconsin Historical Society, pamphlet 05-661, Pedigree Charts / Polish Genealogical Society of Wisconsin / 2005, pp 41

Howell Drusilla Ann __born: - Sep 1848, Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, UK __died: 28 Apr 1917, Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, UK

+ marriage: 27 Oct 1866 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, UK

Carter Gil es __born: - Jun 1844, Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, UK __died: 18 Dec 1926, Chipping Sodbury District, Gloucestershire, England, UK

descendant: Carter Annie Elizabeth

tree 22 ancestor 23contact: kar1

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