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Częstochowa Roman Catholic Church Books, 1873-1948  
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Kalisz Diocese - List of Towns in Polish
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Kalisz Diocese - RC Parish & List of Villages in Polish
Kalisz Diocese - Locality & Protestant Parish Affiliation in Polish
Kalisz Diocese - Protestant Parish & Villages in Polish
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Local Catholic Church History & Genealogy  
Lomza Archdiocesan Archive in Polish
Parafie rzymsko-katolickie  
Parishes and communities in the Poznan Province  
Plock Diocese  
Polish Church Directory  
Polish Diocesean Conference in Polish
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Poznan Archdiocesan Archive  
Roman Catholic Church Books, Poland, 1600-1950  
Roman Catholic Dioceses - GenWeb  
Roman Catholic P arish Records in Halychyna/Eastern Galicia  
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