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Drogoslaw Herb

Drogoslaw Arms

Arms: Gules, upon a demi annulet an arrow in pale, point to chief, both Argent. Out of a crest coronet, a panache of five ostrich plumes proper.

This shield is very similar to that of Ogończyk. The field is red, and there is a half or demi ring of white (silver), although Paprocki in O herbach [On Clan shields] could not really resolve the dilemma as to whether this was a half of a ring, or a crescent moon, or just a half circle. Upon it is seen an arrow, point upward. Some families have the field of this shield blue in color, with five ostrich plumes on the helmet, while others have only three ostrich plumes. Some, such as the author Kojałowicz in his manuscript, describe it as an arm in armor with a sword issuing from a wall. See Bielski, pages 217 and 584; Paprocki in Gniazdo cnoty [Cradle of virtue] on page 1,116, and in O herbach [Of Clan shields] on page 587; Okolski, volume 1, page 175. The arrow on this shield is supposed to be vertical, with the arrowhead pointing to the top of the shield.

All authors agree that this shield was brought to Poland from Silesia. In his manuscript Fr. Rutka adds that this took place in the year 1333, during the reign of Kazimierz the Great. Okolski surmises that the occasion on which these arms were granted to an ancestor of the house was as follows: the enemy had encircled the army and enclosed it in a ring, when this ancestor, gathering his courage, used his sword to open a path and broke through the circle. A Drogoslaw is the first we know of with these arms, and they took their name from him.

Families with these Arms

Bartoszewski Dąbrowski Rdultowski Truszko
Bukowiecki Gorzycki Śrzemski Wieckowski
Czapliński Herstopski Tolwinski  

- translated by Leonard Suligowski

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