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Neither Paprocki nor Okolski wrote about these arms. There is half a golden stag with horns and forelegs running or jumping on the right side on a field of gold; in place of the stag's hindquarters is a moon, not full but more like a new moon, slanted, in the middle of which is a golden star. On the helm are peacock feathers, on which are a moon and star as on the arms themselves. I saw a coat of arms as described on a banner, hung in the Franciscan Fathers' Church in Krosno, of Joachim z Kralic Ślaski, who died in 1606. The same can be seen to this day among the other arms of Regina z Kralic Oświecimowa, mother of Stanislaw Oświecim, founder of the Oświecim chapel, in Krosno at the Franciscan Fathers'. Petrasancta does not have similar arms, only cap. 54 foJ. 367. He describes the Maffeiuses in Rome thus, that there is a stag jumping from an azure field, but as regards the moon and star, his description is of gold and silver ones. These arms seem to be more like those of Tomasz Bacotz de Erdead, Cardinal and Archbishop of Strygon, portrayed in the chapel of the Strygon palace magnificently erected by him. Cerut. Orbis fo1. 57. Reufr. lib. 14 episto1. foJ 115, that is, a stag which is jumping to the right from a semi-circle or from a haIf-wheel, a red field, the stag and wheel silver or white. I understand from this that these are arms of the Slaskis, inasmuch as they settled in Podgorze near Hungary: and so they were brought from there to us. As regards the moon, it could be that arose by error, that the semi­circle was misunderstood to be a nonfull moon, and a hub of the wheel was interpreted as a star. These same arms are those of the PaIfiuses de Erdead in Hungary, a horned stag jumping forth from a hub, as I saw in a certain panegyric in Vienna published by Paulo PaIfi, imperial counselor in 1646. Among us in Poland I have not seen any other houses use these except the Ślaskis.

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Neither Paprocki nor Okolski wrote of these arms. A stag of its own color on a red field, its head facing the right, as if lying down, but its foreleg a little raised and the other legs still folded, and on the helm and crown are five white ostrich feathers. These arms were brought from England to Poland, and there is proof of this; for our Ks. Petrasancta cap. 54 foJ. 365 affirms that the Hartulliuses in the Kingdom of Great Britain use such a stag as is here described, only on a silver shield. Here in Poland the Destrahans use this emblem, of which you will read in the proper place.




- translated by William F. Hoffman

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