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Brochwicz Herb

Brochwicz Herb 1mo

According to Okolski's description there is a red stag on a white field with forelegs raised as if for swift chase after driven animals; a crown is on its neck, and on the helm are peacock feathers. But in a book on Polish emblems I read that it should be a white stag in a red field. Lublin province uses such arms; but Petrasancta cap. 54 is a witness that in Britain, France, Italy, and Germany there flourish a great many houses who sport a stag in their arms. No one gives these arms an occasion; only Okolski adds that they were brought to Poland from Germany. I have not read what families use the arms in their seals, only of the Sobeks of Sulejow, of whom I will speak in the proper place.


Brochwicz Herb 2do

A stag facing the right of the shield, without a crown on its neck. Our Ks. Petrasancta cap. 63 mentions that in Franconia the arms of the house of Hirschberk bear a stag on a silver shield; and the Duchy of Lorraine in ancient times used a stag with golden horns.



Bearers of these Arms

Bryszkowski Burgrafski Dobrocieski Dubaniewski Goisowski Grabanowie Kątski Korcztc Orzelski Palęcki Podkańskl Polomski Pruszkowski Szalowski Trembecki Wiktor Wojakowski Zielenski

- translated by William F. Hoffman

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