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Bielikoicze Herb

Bielikoicze Arms

The Bielikoiczes in Brest-Litovsk use these arms: they have three rods or a shell arranged in the form you see above. Of these Bielikoiczes Dawid, Rzeczycki stolnik [master of the pantry) prospered in the year 1680; his son was Jan, by Zofja z Mielanowa of the Nalecz arms. In the Volhynia metryka [register) for 1528 I read of a local landowner, Bazyly Bielikowicz. Neither Paprocki nor Okolski wrote about them.

Bielikowicz. Krasicki writes that there are Bielikoiczes who later changed their name to Bielikowicz, and they exist to this day in the Brzesc Kujawski area. - Wieladek writes about them; Kuropatnicki places them in his work; I found in a 1764 constitution that Stefan Jan Bielikowicz, town clerk, representative of Braclaw county, and Vehmgericht judge, signed his name to the election of King Stanislaw August for that same county of Braclaw. There also are the signatures of Franciszek, Braclaw cup-bearer, and Wincenty, Braclaw judge from the same county. - Stefan, Braclaw town clerk, and Leon, equerry, circa 1763. - Franciszek, cup-bearer of Braclaw county, signed an act of general confederation of the Grand Duchy of lithuania in 1764. There, too, was Samuel Bielikowicz, and Leonard, Braclaw town clerk, circa 1769, and Adam, Braclaw straznik [guard, custodian). - Ignacy, Kamieniec canon. - Antoni, His Majesty's chamberlain, was a representative at the 1784 sejm in Grodno. - Jozef, Braclaw builder. - Alexander, livonian equerry.

- translated by Fred Hoffman

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