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Betmann Herb

Betmann Arms

A right arm, encased in armor, facing right, holds rosary beads in its hand. Above the helmet and crown, the upper half of a man is seen, hair and beard of medium length, without a cap, hands folded at chest level as in prayer, holding a rosary, with face turned to the right.

Bielski states in folio 507, that the name in German is Bethmany (praying to God), which merely indicates its place of origin, but not its beginnings. The family settled in Kraków and soon allied itself with families of prominence. King Zygmunt held SEWERYN BETHMAN in high esteem. When a fire had broken out in the salt mines of Wieliczka, SEWERYN, at age 90 together with Zupnik of Koscieice, courageously descended into the mine and doused the flames. He died in 1515 at age 95. His son Seweryn, preceded his father to the grave. His daughter, Zófia, married Han Boner, Castellan of Sacz. Their daughter, Zófia, married Jan Firlej, the voivode of Kraków

- translated by Jo Piegzik and Jonathan Shea

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