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Berszten II Herb

Berszten II Arms

Neither Paprocki nor Okolski wrote about this coat of arms. There are two plow wheels, as in the first Berszten coat of arms. Instead of the third wheel there is a fence similar to those found at fortifications. There are two wings above the helmet, back to back and raised up in flight. The change was made here in Poland during the time of Zygmunt August in 1563. When Iwan Wasilewicz, Prince of Moscow laid seige to Polock, some were frightened by the shooting and the pressure and surrendered to the Czar. Wierzcheleski, the Polish capitan from Sleza and of the coat of arms of Berszten bravely and at length resisted the enemy's force. After being exhausted and running out of ammunition they gave the city over to the Czar. Those who were the first to leave the city were imprisoned despite the promise that this would not happen. Wierzcheleski and his men however were generously pardoned and set free. (Bielski page 613). Wierzcheleski upon returning to the king, it is thought, received the change in the coat of arms.

- translated by Jo Piegzik and Jonathan Shea

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