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Bem Herb

Bem Arms

Shield is divided in half. A ram with horns stands on its hind legs in a field of red on one side, its forelegs and head raised, facing a griffin with green wings on a white field, on the other side of the shield. The animals also stand on the crown above the helmet. A banner with his coat-of-arms can be seen hanging in the great Kwidzynski church. Inscribed on it is: "Petrus BERM Regni Poloniae Civis."

Wieladek notes that a KAROL BERM was Canon of Gniezno about 1784. Kuropatnicki lists a WINCENTY BERM in Galicia on 17 September 1782, who may be related to the Bern family of Krakow where JEDRZEJBEM, who may have been a judge, was married to Agnieszka Goluchowska, and after her death, to Maryanna Ostafinska, who bore a son, Joseph, in 1795. This jozef distinguished himself in battle as General of the Artillery.

- translated by Jo Piegzik

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