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Ancuta Herb

Anucta Arms

This one is similar to Newlina's but must have its own name. An arrow points straight up. To the right of it is an eight-pointed star; to the left is a quarter moon with its points facing the arrow. ANCUTA, Maciej Józef. In 1695, he was Canon of Smolensk and Inflanty, the Rector of Wilkomir and Szac, and later, the sufragan and coadjutor of the Bishop of Wilno, Brzostowski. After the bishop's death, August II nominated Ancuta successor. However, before the delegation arrived from Rome, Ancuta bid farewell to the world and its honors. He was Abbot of Czerwin at this time, in 1723.

Anucta, Leon. Leon received the Ancuta lands in 1394 from the Lithuanian Prince Witold Kiejstutowicz, for faithful military service. The lands are located in Bielsko County, v. Podlasie, along the Narew River. When the Prince died, his brother, Zygmunt Kiejstutowicz, succeeded to the Principality of Lithuania, and formally confirmed the land grant in 1432, in perpetuity, to all of the family and its descendants, who enjoy ownership to this day. Leon's sons were Michal and Olizar Ancuta. ANCUTA, Radziwon Marcinowicz, married Anna Kosciuszko in 1542 in the home of her father, Konstanty, land judge of Siechowicze. Radziwon signed over much of the Ancuta lands to his wife, especially that which lay along the Narew River.

Anucta, Pawel Jesiwwicz, whose wife was Maryanna Tumiłowna Buchowiecka, purchased additional land in 1580 in Buchowicze, Ostromecz, and further in the voivodship of Brest-Litovsk. His only son, Mikolaj (Pawłowicz), heir to all thesse lands, was on trial with Epimach Buchowiecki in 1617 in the Lithuanian Supreme Tribunal in regard to workers bought from Łozowicki. He had a son, Alexander.

Anucta, Zygmunt, divided his inherited Zahorze with outlying territories between his sons, Stanisław and Kazimien, according to a will in 1646.

Anucta, Maciej, the afore mentioned Bishop of Wilno, died of apoplexy in 1723. Jerzy, cousin of the Bishop, was a consultant to the Lithuanian Prince, in 1724, and died in Wilno. Adam Antoni, nephew of the Bishop, and the son of Mikola] Ancuta, following several years of service as judge, served twice as deputy and clerk of the court in the tribunal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. His wife was Aniela Wołodkiewicz, and their six sons were: Jan, Antoni, Ignacy, Dominik, Michal, and Stanisław, land judges of Brest­ Litovsk.

- translated by Jo Piegzik

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