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Germany - Maps

Europe Historic and Contemporary Maps of Europe
Germany Aerial Photograph of NW Poland in 1942-1945
  Atlas of the German Empire
  David Rumsey Map Collection - Historical maps in Google
  Eastern Germany North 1908
  Eastern Germany South 1908
  Free Maps of Germany
  Genetic Map of Europe - New Times
  German Settlements in Galicia circa 1939
  Historical Maps of the Habsburg Empire
  Historical Maps - ProGenealogists
  IEG Maps - Institute of European History - in German & English
  Lemberg 1905 Baedeker's Austria-Hungary
  Krakau 1905 Baedeker's Austria-Hungary
  Maps of Germany (includes western part of Poland) - in German
Old Ordnance Survey Maps - for a fee
  Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
  Surname Location Map of Germany & Poland
  Western Germany North 1908
  Western Germany South 1908
Pomerania Pommern, Prussia 1882
Posen 1910 City Map
  Posen, Prussia 1882
  Posen 1844
Prussia East Prussia 1882
  Map of Prussia
  Modern Hoefer Maps
  Prussian Historic Maps - for a fee
  Prussia Maps - Roll Reunion
  Prussian States Historic Map
  West Prussia 1882
  West Prussia Province
Schlesien German - Polish Town Name Cross Reference
Silesia Silesia, Prussia 1882
Thorn 1910 City Map

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