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The Polish Index has - 1284 Records & 576 Surnames - Just click on - Polonia Ancestor Tree Index.

Contribute your Polish family Ancestor/Family trees (Pedegee charts) to the Index to expand the possibilty of finding more of your family and ancestors in various Polonia countries. Send to

Genealogists in countries outside of the USA- provide your inputs -
you may be surprised as to where your ancestors have immigrated.

Iwona Dakiniewicz is a Polish Researcher and a correspondent -for the iPGS - check out her site.
---------Note - Iwona's Surname list and other sections of her sit e have been upgraded.

The Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland (Indexes 79 & 80) have been updated

Alphabetical Surname Listing Latest Update (A thru C) - will have 119,869 surnames and 5,776 towns

Create. open, or delete a mapGerman Genealogy Research in Pomerania

NYC Marriage IndexWiki Poland Historical Geography

In Progress Featured Items Description Updated
Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland Maps & Illustrations from 1907 20 Jun 2017
Herbarz Polski Surname Heraldic Descriptions 20 Mar 2016
Iwona Articles & Data Polish Genealogical Information 14 Nov 2016
Iwona's Research Places and Associated Surnames 19 Jul 2017
Maps Polish & Related Maps 14 Nov 2016
Miscellaneous Articles Polish Genealogical Information 10 May 2015
Polonia Ancestor Tree Index Polonia Ancestral Index & Trees 20 Jun 2017

Featured Items Description
Birth Index Limited Public Access
Dachau Records Concentration Camp Records
Death Index Query Public Access
Dziennik Chicagoski 1890-1929 Death Notice Index Search
Dziennik Chicagoski 1930-1971 Death Notice Index Search
Dziennik Związkowy 1930-1949 Chicago Death Notice Index
Haller's Army Recruitment Index
Polish Family Info Marriage Index Limited Public Access
Places in Prussian Poland Prussia & Pomerania - 1879
Polish City Directory 1903 Chicago City Directory
Parish Histories Histories of US Parishes

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