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Alphabetical Surname Listing Latest Update (I to K) There are 109,594 surnames and 5,294 towns listed.

Google Street View coveragellinois, Marriage Index, 1860-1920

Polish Given NamesSzukajwarchiwach.PL

The Illustrated Geographic Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland (Powiat 32) has been updated.

Our Polish Correspondent - Iwona Dakiniewicz has added Varia (a collection of miscellaneous records).

In Progress Featured Sections Description Updated
Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland Maps & Illustrations from 1907 15 Nov2015
Herbarz Polski Surname Heraldic Descriptions 1 Nov 2014
Iwona Articles & Data Polish Genealogical Information 1 Nov 2015
Iwona's Research Places and Associated Surnames 15 Nov 2015
Maps Polish & Related Maps 15 Nov 2015
Miscellaneous Articles Polish Genealogical Information 10 May 2015
Prayer Cards Surname & Data Listings 20 Mar 2014

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Dachau Records Concentration Camp Records
Places in Prussian Poland Prussia & Pomerania - 1879
Polish City Directory 1903 Chicago City Directory
Parish Histories Histories of US Parishes

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